AIMTREX small arms training systems
& operational equipment

Aimtrex MFT is a portable, wireless and battery operated electronic target system, that derives its name from the ability to demonstrate various target movements including pop-up target, turning with 180° - 360° rotations, swing-out from behind cover, slice/slash/scissor etc.

Aimtrex AMT is a fully portable, wireless, battery operated system that travels horizontally between attack and hide positions at variable speeds which replicates an individual walking, jogging or running on a flat or uneven ground.

Aimtrex SARA (Lomah) is a portable, wireless and battery operated smart target system with an outstanding ability to detect both supersonic and subsonic ammunition at an accuracy of below 3mm. Thus, making it the world’s most advanced live firing small arms training system.
Aimtrex is India's only company with on ground experience in design, construction, installation, operation, and maintenance of advanced live fire composite indoor shooting ranges which are built to provide effective training with round the clock usability minus any safety concerns for general population.
Aimtrex Shoot House or Kill House provides realistic and dynamic training environments that replicate the challenges and situations soldiers face in the real world. It is virtually indestructible and allows multiple live-fire teams to operate simultaneously in different rooms safely.
Marathon Live Fire Robots address a fundamental training gap: the first time shooters fire live ammunition at a realistic human like enemy target is in a real battle. Developed in conjunction with the Australian Department of Defence, live fire robots are now in use with elite forces around the world.
Aimtrex Rope Rider is a battery powered lightweight personnel lifting device that functions like a personal elevator. It is an ideal solution for tactical & rescue use as it enables the user to climb heights or lower load without fatigue.
Aimtrex Rope Launcher is designed specifically to enable the user to shoot a grapnel with a rope or a carbon fibre ladder tied behind it. Low weight and short length make it ideal for land based or amphibious operations.

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