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Commissioned By: Indian Navy

Location: INS KARNA

Aimtrex proudly established the first Composite Indoor Shooting Range in the Indian Navy exclusively designed to train the MARCOS, the elite Special Forces.

Equipped with cutting-edge live fire training technologies, this state-of-the-art range is custom-built to accommodate the high-volume training demands of the Special Forces. Advanced target systems have been integrated to facilitate realistic static and dynamic shooting skill development, small arms combat training, and specialized weapons tactics refinement.

With a length of 25 meters, the range features six firing lanes, each equipped with an automated steel bullet trap system to ensure optimal safety and convenience. With extensive acoustic abatement and anti-ricochet systems in place, the facility guarantees a secure and controlled training environment. Precision zeroing targets and reactive multi-function target systems specifically designed for reflex shooting offer an unparalleled level of challenge, enhancing the proficiency of our military personnel. Additionally, the range boasts a central control room, range ventilation system, fire protection measures, and climate control, providing a comprehensive infrastructure for advanced training operations.

This exceptional facility is rated for both pistols and rifles, presenting MARCOS with an unrivaled training environment that aligns with their specific operational requirements. Aimtrex’s Composite Indoor Shooting Range sets a new standard in shooting range technology, revolutionizing the way our armed forces train and prepare for mission success.

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