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Commissioned By: Maharashtra Police Academy

Location: Nashik, Maharashtra

In 2019, Maharashtra Police embarked on a visionary project to establish a world-class Composite Indoor Shooting Range at Maharashtra Police Academy (MPA) in Nashik.

This turnkey greenfield project involved comprehensive civil infrastructure development and equipment installations. MPA, a renowned historical Police Training Institute responsible for the training of Police Officers from Maharashtra and Goa, sought to create an exceptional facility. With approximately 1,500 Police Officers and personnel from MPA requiring firing practice with various weapons at least twice a year, an estimated 500,000 rounds of ammunition are utilized annually.

the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, AIMTREX successfully executed this landmark project at MPA in record time.

The commissioning and inauguration took place on August 9, 2021, by the Honorable Chief Minister of Maharashtra, and various distinguished officials.

Key Features of the project:

  • Complete execution of civil infrastructure, site development, and landscaping.
  • Advanced Bullet Trap technology ensuring safety and efficiency.
  • Precision Electronic Target Systems for accurate and immersive training.
  • NIOSH Range Ventilation System to maintain a conducive training environment.
  • Ballistic Glass Firing Booths providing optimal protection and visibility.
  • Acoustic and Ballistic Treatment of walls, ceilings, and floors for enhanced safety and noise reduction.
  • Smart Lighting system simulating realistic day and night conditions.
  • Weapon Clearing Traps for secure handling of firearms.
  • Ancillary Requirements including emergency signage, fire fighting system, emergency alarm, first aid kits, and inter-firer communication system.

With the successful completion of this ambitious project, AIMTREX has further cemented its reputation as a provider of cutting-edge shooting range solutions. The Maharashtra Police Academy’s new Composite Indoor Shooting Range stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in training infrastructure.

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