Key Information

Commissioned By: National Security Guard (NSG)

Location: New Delhi

AIMTREX MCSR has been in service with NSG for over 5 years. It is 25 Meter Live Indoor Shooting Range as a unique turnkey solution—a self-contained marksmanship training facility that offers remarkable modularity. This innovative one of a kind containerized shooting range allows for the establishment of shooting ranges in diverse locations, offering a flexible alternative to traditional facilities. Our MCSR stands as a 24/7 ready, air-conditioned shooting range that can be easily transported, making it an exceptionally cost-effective solution. Built in compliance with world-class standards for live firing shooting ranges, it ensures uncompromising quality.

Key Features:

  • Electronic Multi-Function Target Systems: Our MCSR incorporates roof-mounted moving targets with wireless control, enabling various movements and enhancing training realism.
  • Virtual Projection Based Targets with Hit Detection Cameras: Virtual targets provide training flexibility along with accurate hit detection analysis. It can sustain upto 50,000 hits using a self sealing target.
  • Automated Steel Bullet Traps: Designed to handle all small arms calibers, our automated steel bullet traps ensure safety and efficiency.
  • Soundproofing and Abatement: The MCSR features soundproofing measures to minimize noise disturbances and create a conducive training environment.
  • Bullet-Proof Firing Booths: Firing booths provide protection, enhancing shooter safety.
  • Anti-Ricochet Treatment: Comprehensive measures are in place to prevent ricochets and ensure range safety.
  • Control Station: The control station allows for centralized target control through a portable wireless handset. It also provides control over ventilation and lights, CCTV surveillance, two-way audio communication, PA system, Firer Data Management, and scoring.
  • Environmental Control: Our MCSR incorporates a ventilation system with air conditioning, preventing air recirculation and ensuring 99.9% lead free air.
  • Modular Structure: The MCSR’s modular design ensures quick deployment, easy installation, and the ability to provide 24/7 training capabilities. The range can be expanded upto 100 Meters and 6 Lanes.

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